Thursday, April 10, 2008

Queer Victoria Online

There is a new website that I just found out about this afternoon, yet to be fully launched, but available and growing as a networking tool, resource and potential online home for our archive project.

Please check out

If you like what you see and want more, consider volunteering. The site needs people to volunteer as editors, approving postings and the like, and also is needing a group to help write up a policy/statement on terms of use and acceptable material etc. If you are interested please contact the site admin: editor(at)

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Anonymous said...

Hello Miss T.R. Gendered,

My name is Travis. As a fellow transguy from Vancouver, I thought you may be interested in VanTAG.

The Vancouver Trans Advocacy Group (VanTAG) is a team of activists advocating the fair recognition of medical needs and human rights of transgendered people in BC.

We saw your posts a few weeks ago, regarding the current trans health care funding crisis, and we would love to collaborate with you to address the frustrations of the community in a coordinated letter campaign, petition, and if need be, physical protests in Vancouver and/or Victoria.

To learn more, you can visit

Take care,