Friday, January 2, 2009

I imagine a number of blog writers may have returned to stale pages this week as a new year causes some of us to check in and resolve to absolve, re-start creating, re-new exploration and generally do something with the time spent inside, hiding from winter, almost ready to get back into the full swing of whatever our normal lives are, but are riding out the last weekend of this string of winter holidays resolved to make positive changes in our lives, or at least not get bored. I have a little bit of both, I will admit. I have been flooded with time without homework, no readings, no projects. So much down time to watch videos, smoke week, lay about, cuddle, sleep, drink hot chocolate and eat so much. It's reminded me that I have stories and visions, dreams and ideas. The time I have spent socializing this season has reminded me of those stories waiting to be recorded, drawn out, written out, layed in concrete allowing me to reflect on them and perhaps lay them to rest, or at least to a deeper understanding. I have decided to record at least one of those stories everyday, in the medium most appropriate. So far crayon illustrated narratives and pencil crayon life time lines have started to make their way on to paper. With any will and the dream of finding spare time to work on this after next week I will have a virant collection of my stories, presented in all of their unique ways.

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